Alumni Association Board of Directors 

The Board of Directors is the liaison between alumni & the University. The board provides connections between alumni & current students.

Membership Criteria

The Alumni Association Board of Directors is composed of the officers of the Association; a representative from each of the following groups: Council for IWU Women, Greek Alumni Network, Minority Alumni Network, Pride Alumni Community, and the Young Alumni Council; the chair of the following committees: Regional Alumni Chapters Committee, Wesleyan Fund Committee, Alumni Admissions Advisory Committee, Class Newsletter Editors Committee; the President of the Parent Board; a representative from the University's fiftieth reunion class (ex officio); three Alumni Trustees; the President of the University Student Senate; no fewer than twelve at large Directors*; and the University's Director of Alumni Relations (ex officio).  A representative from each of the above will be chosen by his/her respective group and will serve a one or two year term, as specified by the Bylaws of the Illinois Wesleyan University Alumni Association.

*At-large members appointed by the Board of Directors should provide diversity of class year, gender, race, and demographic representation, as well as skills that may be needed to better accomplish the Association's mission.

Board of Directors Members

Brian Beam '91
Bloomington, IL
Newsletter Chair
Claudia Brogan '77
Decatur, GA
Past President Council for IWU Women
Debra Burt-Frazier '75
Dolton, IL
Member at Large
George Freeman '70
Hudson, IL
Admissions Network
Guy Gebhardt
Chicago, IL
Co-Chair Regional Alumni Clubs
Deon Hornsby '97
Schaumburg, IL
Chair of Minority Alumni Network
Scott Huch '86
Falls Church, VA
Vice President of Auxillary Groups
Elly Jones '91
Murfreesboro, TN
Vice President
Steve Lessaris
Chicago, IL
Young Alumni Council
Richard Marvel '98
Bloomington, IL
Co-Chair Greek Alumni Network
Sundeep Mullangi '97
Chicago, IL
Barb Nathan '80
Bloomington, IL
Alumni Trustee
Marilyn Neis '71
Crystal Lake, IL
Member at Large
Ed Pacchetti '91
Washington, DC
Patrick Palmer '87
Downers Grove, IL
Member at Large
Rachel Paturi
Beverly Hills, CA
Co-Chair Pride Alumni Network
Jim Richter '93
Chicago, IL
Co-Chair Pride Alumni Network
Molly Rollings '99
Champaign, IL
Chair of the Wesleyan Fund
Jennifer Shaughnessy '98
Bloomington, IL
Chair of Admissions Network
Jessica Shull '03
Bloomington, IL
President Council for IWU 
Marianne Wolf-Astrauskas '76
Chicago, IL
Co-Chair Regional Alumni Clubs
Austin Aldag
President of the IWU Student Senate
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