Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does this site cost anything to use?
This site is a free service to the Alumni and Friends of Illinois Wesleyan University.

2.  Do I have to register to use the site?
The site contains a mixture of public and restricted access areas.  Certain areas of the site, including the online directory, class notes, and personal alumni photo galleries will require registration.

3. How do I register for the first time? 
a.) You will need your ten-digit TitanPride ID which is located on the top line of each mailing label we send you.  If you cannot locate that number, please contact the Alumni Office (contact information is listed at bottom of this page).
b.) Go to
c.) Click on the "Login" link and then "First Time Login"
d.) Follow the instructions and enter your TitanPride ID as prompted

4.  Who is listed in the directory, what information is displayed, and who can see it?
The on-line directory is accessible to alumni and the results contain alumni who have not chosen to hide their information. 

Until an alum logs in and edits their personal information, the directory limits the data listed in the directory to their name, birth name, city, state, class year, degree, major, employer and title.  As part of the initial login process, and at any time in the future, each alum can decide to display more of their information if they desire.

To access your personal information and display settings, click the "My Info" link in the top navigation and then click the "Edit My Profile" link. Alumni wishing to be entirely removed from the directory should contact the Alumni Office.

5. Can other alums see my e-mail address?
By default, e-mail addresses are hidden. However, even though e-mail addresses are hidden, TitanPride allows alumni to send messages to one another without divulging the recipient's e-mail address. This feature protects the address of the recipient while allowing contact to be made. 

It is up to the recipient to reply to the sender to share his/her e-mail address with them.

6. If I register, will I start getting junk e-mail?
E-mail addresses are required, however each user has a choice of deciding what categories of communication they wish to receive from IWU. Examples of University e-mail include the monthly Alumni News E-newsletter and special event notices for your geographic and/or special interest areas.

Regardless of what categories of information you elect to receive from IWU, it is important to keep your e-mail address and personal information current so former classmates looking for you can stay in touch.

7. What if I have more questions?
Please contact the Alumni Office, we love talking to our alumni and friends!

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